Kubota 07 Series

Industrial Four Cylinder Diesel Engines

The Kubota 07 Series is a totally new concept engine design developed with various requirements necessary for a wide range of industrial applications. Kubota’s unique cyclinder block design was developed using Kubota’s original casting technology allowing for a larger displacement within the current 2.4L compact engine package. The improved cooling system with a main water gallery and water passages between cylinder bores as a counter measure against heat load provides high power density, superior endurance, and a reliable Kubota 07 Series. The Kubota 07 Series completes Kubota’s seamless range up to 100 hp.

The Diesel 07 Series by Kubota. Vertical 4-cycle engine with larger displacement within a 2.4 L compact engine package.
Product Information

  • V3307-DI-T-E3B - Diesel 4 Cylinder

    OUTPUT (KW / HP): 55.4 / 74.3
    MAX SPEED (RPM) 2600