Understanding Kubota Model Numbers

by Country Sales and Service, LLC on August 23, 2019

Understanding Kubota Model Numbers

Each year Kubota adds new model and series numbers. With these new numbers rolling out each year, understanding your Kubota equipment can be difficult. Below we have given a break down on how to read the Kubota model numbers and explain what these numbers mean.

Basic Kubota Model Types

Three tractor models distinguish Kubota equipment:

  1. B: 18-30hp subcompact tractor
  2. L: 30-60 hp compact tractor
  3. M: 40-135hm tractor

Some Kubota tractors have an X within its model number. If your equipment has an X within the model number, this means this specific Kubota product is a smaller version than the previous model before it.

Example: BX is the smaller series of the B Series. MX is the smaller series of the M Series.

Understanding the Numbers

Now that you have established which tractor series you have, you will see a set of numbers. The first number after the letter series is the horsepower. The second number will classify chassis of the tractor.

Example: L4060 – L Series – 40 Horsepower – 60 Chassis

In older tractors, this may be a little harder to understand. Over the last ten years, Kubota Grand L Series was labeled with a 30, 40, or 60 after the number. The L Series typically is 00 or more recently 01. So, if your tractor is over ten years old, please contact Country Sales & Service, and we will help you find and determine your model number.

If you have an L39001 – this has a 39 horsepower with the standard L Series. However, L4060 is a 40 horsepower Grand L Tractor. Below is a breakdown to help you better understand the difference between the two model numbers:

  • BX Series ended in 50, 60 and most recently 70.
  • B Series ends in 20 and 50. The 50 is the bigger chassis.
  • L Series currently has 01 (standard L) and 60 (Grand L – bigger frame).
  • MX Series is 00.
  • M Series has the 60, X, or GX. These models are the larger 100+hp tractors.

What are Fender Letters?

Fender numbers are located on the rear fender of the L Series of your Kubota equipment. There are typically three letters which indicate the type of transmission. These different letters include:

  • 4WD – Stand L Gear Drive – this means Four Wheel Drive – but can also mean that the tractor is a Standard Gear Drive Tractor.
  • HST – Hydrostat – this means the tractor has a Hydrostatic Transmission – a different pedal for forward and reverse.
  • GST – Glide Shift (only found with the Grand L Models) – this tractor has a glide shift transmission – a clutch free transmission.

*Note: All B Series Tractors have 4WD, but most come with a hydrostat transmission.

What are Loader Numbers

Typically, when looking for model numbers, individuals first see the loader number. This is because the loader covers the tractor numbers. Loader numbers generally are easier to understand than model numbers. Usually, you will see LA – which means loader. The numbers indicate the lift capacity weighed in kilograms. How to find out the weight in pounds – is to double the number of kilograms.

Example: LA 1154 – Loader that can lift 1154 kg – 2,308 lbs.

For all older models that you struggle with identifying the model, fender or loader numbers, contact Country Sales and Service, and we will be happy to help identify these numbers.

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