Things You Did Not Know About Kubota

by Country Sales and Service, LLC on February 19, 2021


Facts about Kubota

When it comes to taking care of your land, no matter the acreage, we know you have many brands to choose from. We also know that you want the best of the best. Many agricultural companies have made their names in the lawn and landscaping business because of the different functions.

However, one of the well-known companies is Kubota. At Country Sales and Service, we know that Kubota makes some of the best compact and sub-compact tractors in the industry. Kubota diesel engines are some of the best and even the most reliable engines.

But there may be some things you did not know about Kubota.

Country Sales and Service has been a Kubota dealership since 1996 – and some of these fun facts about Kubota surprised us!

Look at ten fun facts about Kubota that you may or may not already know.


10 Fun Facts About Kubota

  1. Kubota is older than you think
    Kubota has roots dating back to 1890 – so they have been around the block a time or two.
  2. Kubota did not start out making tractors
    You heard that right. When Kubota was first established, they were founded to produce castings for heavy equipment.
  3. Kubota has been making engines since some of our Grandparents were young – that is a long time ago
    Kubota started producing their Argo-industrial oil-based engines in 1922.
  4. Kubota even produced vending machines
    In the early 1960s, Kubota began producing vending machines. Now, would it not it be nice to have a tractor with a built-in vending machine?
  5. Kubota has employed thousands of individuals
    In 2008, Kubota Corporation employed over 24,000 people worldwide.
  6. Most Kubota products are made in the United States
    Kubota has a factory in Gainesville, GA, that builds many of their products. These products include the ZD diesel zero-turns and Kubota’s RTV recreational vehicles.
  7. Kubota supports and sponsors a professional sport team
    Kubota is not just about their tractors. Kubota supports and sponsors The Kubota Spears, which is a professional rugby team in Japan.
  8. Kubota helped build an ark
    Kubota did their part in the dedication of improved sustainability and helped create Japan’s Solar Ark. This is a museum and leader in solar energy.
  9. Kubota was innovative in Japan
    In Japan, Kubota developed and commercialized the first farm tractor.
  10. Kubota came to the United States in the late 1960s
    Kubota’s first import was in 1969. This was the 21 horsepower L200. This led to Kubota’s success in the creation and led to Kubota Tractor Corporation, located in California.

We hope you have enjoyed these fun facts about Kubota. If you have more things to share about Kubota, you can share them with us on our Facebook page at Country Sales and Service, LLC. We will then continue to add them to this blog.

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