Offering Online Capabilities for Easy Access to Kubota Engine Parts

by Country Sales and Service, LLC on August 29, 2016


Since 1996 we’ve successfully served customers in the United States and North America. But now, we’ve taken the extra steps to ensure our process meets the growing needs of our customers.

With the advantage of housing inventory of the full Kubota line of engines, remanufactured engines, and engine parts, we want to make them accessible to our customers 24/7.

With our new ecommerce website - - we’re able to serve customer’s diverse needs. A user will have access to an online knowledge support system and inventory bank of Kubota parts and engines.

Aside from the advantage of being able to order in stock parts online with quick delivery time, our new site also promotes general awareness about ways we can better service our customers. We want you to understand all capabilities and options you have as a buyer.

For instance, we stock a full line of replacement engines and work with engines that are no longer available – a fact you wouldn’t necessarily know without a phone call. If your existing engine needs rebuilt, we can accomplish it in about 5 to 7 days, and that’s fast turnaround especially if you have a piece of equipment that is down.

Not only do we help businesses repower new and old equipment and Kubota brand equipment, we make this process seamless for all parties involved.

If you need a part that is not listed on our website or looking for an older model rebuilt engine, give us a call at 330-683-2500.

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